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Casio's Color Wrist Camera

Techstination feature for Monday, August 27, 2001

A color digital camera... .on your wrist. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It's the stuff of James Bond or Mission Impossible. That's why Casio had a hit on its hands with its original Wrist Camera...

"It's doing excellent. I mean we sold out of them last year. Department stores and those chains for Christmas... .it was phenomenal."

Product manager Scott Nelson. The original took low resolution photos only in black and white. Now Casio is coming out with a model that lets you snap pictures from your wrist in full color...

Some people are going to say, aw c'mon, why in the world would you want a camera on your watch.. "Well, I think the major use of it is.. it's spontaneous. You always have a camera with you. You see something, you just take a picture and you've got it with you. You can take it back then to your home, you can email it to someone, where a lot of other cameras, you're not going to carry it with you all the time." It's good for spying? "I guess it could be if you wanted to look at it that way, but that's not the target obviously from our point. You're out playing with your kid and they're walking for the first time. You don't the camera there... you just take a quick picture of that and you just send it to the relatives."

The low resolution may be suitable for a small shot on a computer screen... .but the Wrist Camera is not a substitute for having another camera along for shots you want to keep. The pictures show up on a little LCD screen on the watch face. You can transfer them to a PC, a PocketPC or Palm PDA... .or beam them to another watch. Pricing starts at about 250 dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp... I'm Fred Fishkin.