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Notebooks Take a Licking...and Keep on Clicking

Techstination feature for Wednesday, September 19, 2001

They take a licking... but keep on clicking. Ruggedized notebook computers. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It's a niche market that's gaining popularity. Companies that have had the misfortune of employees dropping two to three thousand dollar notebook computers are now looking at models that are built to take that kind of punishment and more. At Itronix, for instance, senior product manager Wally Starr demonstrates his company's line-up... by opening one up like a miniature step ladder...

"The front edge of the display and the front edge of the computer on the floor... the hinge side is facing up and what I'm going to do is I'm going to step on top of the computer and stand on it... . Just to show how rugged this computer really is."

With the machine still running. At another manufacturer,, Alan Shad says more and more companies are finding uses for PCs built to military specifications...

"Such as power utilities, law enforcement agencies, oil and gas industries, construction... . "

Keep in mind ruggedized notebooks are usually heavier. Both in weight and price. Panasonic, with its Toughbook line has been the leading maker of these kinds of machines, and the top supplier to the federal government. It has created miniature versions as well being used by law enforcement officers on motorcycles or bikes. Just about any of the machines can take dirt and water... .and the drop test. It might be just the PC solution for families with a toddler in the house. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.