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Iomega Putting Zip Into XP Migration

Techstination feature for Thursday, October 18, 2001

If you're moving to Windows XP... .move your old data and settings with you. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. There are a lot of companies counting on Microsoft's new operating system to pull the industry out of the doldrums. Computer manufacturers got the jump on selling PCs loaded with Windows XP... .but so far the results for companies like HP and Dell have been under-whelming. Iomega is hoping to make its technology an appealing choice for consumers who want to move data and settings from old computers... .to new Windows XP machines. Iomega's Ryan Wintle... .

"Microsoft estimates if your system is more than two years old, you're more than likely going to need a new one to run XP."

And where does Iomega hope to fit into the picture?...

"Well, Microsoft provides a software tool that allows you to go and gather the settings and data that you wish to move and Iomega, of course, provides the natural transport mechanism for moving that data from one computer to the other with the Iomega Zip Drive or the Iomega Peerless Drive."

A big reason why some people might be reluctant to upgrade to a new computer... .is the hassle of moving all of their stuff over to a new machine...

"Yeah, this is definitely something that people worry about and definitely a hindrance to moving to a new computer. You've got everything you need on your old one... email, Internet access, all the stuff you use on a day to day basis. And actually setting that up on a new one has historically been difficult. We're making it easier to do that."

And from Iomega's point of view... hopefully sell some new hardware in the process. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.