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Ex-Computer Game Makers Seek Substance

Techstination feature for Tuesday, October 23, 2001

The people who created some of the top selling computer games of all time... including Doom and Quake... now want to do something of Substance. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. They call it Substance TV... a magazine about to be launched on DVD...

"Substance is an actual journalistic endeavor on DVD. Sort of a lifestyle magazine, a video magazine... all the pieces on it are video pieces... news magazine style features, music videos, short films..all the things that DVD enables you to showcase really well."

CEO and Publisher Mike Wilson. He and the other founders of the publication left the game company Gathering of Developers they had founded... after the death this past spring from asthma... of one of their partners, Doug Myres. About the transition from games to this new venture... Wilson tells us...

"It's sort of relevant to our multimedia publishing experience, but it's something for us that a little bit, I keep using the word that's the name of the magazine, is a little bit more of substance to us than turning out video games."

Wilson says Generation Xers are the target audience... .too old for the MTV demographic... .and too young for the network TV baby boomer demographic...

"So I think it's an audience that's largely unaddressed as adults in a format that we're used to."

SubstanceTV has begun selling subscriptions from its Web site. 14.95 for ten DVDs delivered by mail. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.