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A Graphics Card That's All Business

Techstination feature for Wednesday, October 31, 2001

A graphics card... .that's all business. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. There's a big market out there for 3D computer graphics cards. Companies like NVIDIA and ATI Technologies have been battling for years to win the hearts and wallets of computer game players. Matrox, which has been around for 25 years, has decided to focus on the business market. It's big claim to fame is its DualHead technology... allowing the use of two monitors at once. Matrox's Liv Stewart says the new G550 can connect... to CRT monitors, flat panels, even TV screens. And a dual DVI model... allows the use of two digital flat panels...

"We are the first company to come out with a single chip board that outputs to two digital flat panels. This is great for business users who need to increase desktop space and run several programs at the same time. They can run a word application... .while they're surfing the net on the other."

Almost a must in the financial world these days. And Matrox is using what it calls its HeadCasting engine... to let users chat online... through a 3D representation of their own head on screen. That may sound like more of a toy than a business application, but...

"We also have software that's made by Matrox, it's called the Matrox Virtual Presenter, which allows someone to use their 3D head to generate a PowerPoint presentation. So let's say I wanted to send you information in PowerPoint and you had dual display with this card, you could see my head on one screen while the slides are turning on the other."

Kind of eerie... .but I suppose more effective. You can find more information at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.