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Handheld Anthrax Killer Selling Fast

Techstination feature for Monday, November 5, 2001

Shedding light on Anthrax. Bloomberg Boot Camp... a report on today's technology. The light... is ultraviolet-C. The most dangerous kind of UV light in terms of eye and skin exposure. And, it turns, out... what is bad for you is also bad for organisms such as Anthrax. So the Spectronics Corporation is now finding a brisk market in selling a handheld ultraviolet-c lamp it calls... the De-Germinator, that it says kills Anthrax in seconds. Joseph Schulman heads the marketing firm Mobility Solutions...

"It's about the size of a television remote control. Basically, you use it by holding it over the surface for a few seconds and whatever germs are on that surface die very quickly."

Mobility Solutions sells the device for 140 dollars from its Web site at Keep in mind... the light will not penetrate to kill Anthrax inside an envelope... and the UV-C rays can be dangerous if not used properly. But at New York University Medical Center, microbiology director Dr. Philip Tierno says the concept is sound...

"As long as it can strike a particle which has a suspended organism on it in the ambient air, it can be effective. And that would go for Anthrax spores."

With the public fears growing, Spectronics is ramping up the manufacturing of the devices... .and expects to be selling them in major drug store chains around the country... .

"People are going to find that it's a product that gives them peace of mind. They'll be able to safely destroy whatever germs they fear are on their mail or other surfaces."

Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.