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Your PC As a Guitar Teacher... eMedia

Techstination feature for Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Your PC... as a guitar teacher. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. eMedia guitar teaching tools on CD ROM keep getting better and better. The company was founded eight years ago by Adrian Burton, an ex-Microsoft multimedia manager... after he became frustrated trying to learn the guitar himself. Today, the latest versions of the eMedia Guitar Method software have animated fret boards that show you where your fingers belong as you are learning... (sound)... .and if it's going to fast... you can slow it down to your own speed... (sound). It can't give you the kind of personalized instruction you would get from a music teacher in person, but Burton says the software approach has its advantages...

"We've had great reactions to it. People who have tried books or videos or even private lessons and failed for one reason or another have succeeded with multimedia technology. You have the video, you have an animated fret board showing you exactly where to put your fingers, you can tune up to the computer while with books you can't hear how you should sound and sometimes private lessons are inconvenient and expensive."

In addition to the Guitar Method discs, there are add-ons to teach classic guitar songs... .and another called Glues Guitar Legends. If you've always wanted to learn... the software that sells for under 60 dollars is an easy pick.