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ATI Fires Back in Computer Graphics War

Techstination feature for Friday, March 15, 2002

The computer graphics wars. Bloomberg Boot Camp... a report on today's technology. NVIDIA and ATI Technologies are slugging it out for dominance of the technology that controls what you see on your computer screen... ..or on your TV screen from the hot selling video game machines. NVIDIA makes the graphics chips included in Microsoft's Xbox while ATI makes the chips for Nintendo's Game Cube. On the PC side... with prices being pushed lower and lower NVIDIA recently came out with an integrated chipset for computers using AMD processors. Now... ATI is following with a an integrated solution that will work with either AMD or Intel processors. ATI marketing director Rajesh Shakkarwar...

"What has been happening in the past is that consumers could go and buy the computer at the right price point... but they were not getting the right kind of graphics in there. So as the leader in graphics technology, we're going after that market and we are bringing our Radeon quality graphics into that market, so now the consumers have a choice of hitting the right price point, but at the same time getting the Radeon quality graphics into that segment."

The integrated solutions are good news for most consumers... who will get better graphics performance for their money. Hard core game players will still want to buy top of the line graphics cards ... that can add several hundred dollars to the price of a machine. In the meantime, the battle between NVIDIA and ATI is becoming like one of those shoot 'em up games. Bloomberg Boot Camp... I'm Fred Fishkin.