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Linksys CEO Forecasts More Wireless Growth

Techstination feature for Tuesday, April 2, 2002

What's the hottest technology around? Wireless networking. Bloomberg Boot Camp.. a report on today's technology. With free wireless access points popping up in major cities... .along with new businesses trying to get people to subscribe to be able to link to wireless networks... .the technology is growing fast. Even though security of wireless networks has been questionable... .at best... .consumers and businesses have been buying into it. The chief reasons... it is affordable, easy and mobile. Networking equipment maker Linksys sold a million Instant Wireless LAN devices worldwide last year. CEO Victor Tsao ... .

"Even last year, the economy wasn't that great, our revenue growth was about 75 percent growth."

The fourteen year old company is among the fastest growing privately held firms in the U.S.. Take a look around in your local computer or electronics store... .and you'll find an ever expanding line of Linksys networking devices...

"Between thirty to forty percent of market shelf space, retail shelf space. Linksys is working with every single one of the national and regional retail stores."

And when it comes to forecasting consumer demand... .the CEO says wired networks aren't going away... but...

"If I make a logical guess ... Ethernet stays, absolutely and wireless has the biggest potential."

The good news for consumers is as the popularity has increased... the prices of the equipment have decreased. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.