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New Model Year for Motorola Handsets

Techstination feature for Tuesday, April 9, 2002

When it comes to cell phones... .coolness counts. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. One of the factors that has made Nokia the number one cell phone maker... was the removable faceplate that let users give their handsets a unique look. Number two Motorola has learned some lessons. In rolling out the company's 2002 product line, personal communications VP and General Manager Tim Cawley says...

"You could call the new direction a new Motorola. We're updating our designs. We're updating the kinds of features we put into our products to make them more personalized for our consumers. We're working very closely with our customers to make sure that we're providing the kinds of features and look and style that they're looking for in a cell phone."

Motorola hasn't had a blockbuster hit since it introduced the Star Tac. The 2002 line includes models for different markets... a new phone with PDA functions for business users... for those more concerned with style... there's the little V60 and the V70... with a round display that looks like a watch face...

"It's amazing the kinds of glances you get on the street when you carry this phone. It's got a very unique swivel design, very elegant, very sleek looking... and in fact this is the phone that we gave to all the Oscar nominees this year, it was in their gift package. This will be introduced as an exclusive for Cingular in late April."

There are other phones with changeable front and back designs... and downloadable graphics as well as ring tones...

"We think the youth market is huge. More and more you see teens getting their own cell phones."

Motorola expects a revival in the handset market this year... .but it faces even more competition, with the number one maker in Japan, NEC, re-entering the U.S. market. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.