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DVD Recorders Drop in Price

Techstination feature for Tuesday, May 14, 2002

DVD Recorders drop in price. Bloomberg Bootcamp, a report on today's technology. A Swiss company called Vivastar is out with a package that includes a DVD burner you can add to your PC along with software and five blank DVD R discs... that I've seen selling for under 300 dollars. Adrian Garulay is the CEO of Vivastar USA...

"Well we're the first product that's really truly integrated. And what I mean by that is we have the internal recorder, we have DVD R media, we also, in addition have bundled software for recording and actually authoring. So people can go out and author a movie on their own. They can do their own editing. They can also have the ability to take your old pictures, scan them and then store thousands and thousands of pictures on a DVD."

A blank DVD disc has a capacity of 4.7 gigabytes... and I've found them selling online for as little as two dollars. It may not be too long before the technology overtakes the CD burners that are almost standard today on many computers...

"This industry is just really taking off. It's in its infancy in terms of the recording side. What's driving this is the quality of the technology. Take your own data, do your own editing, take your own music and just bundle what you want to hear on one recording media is a fantastic thing and it gives consumers flexibility.

One drawback to the Vivastar RS 111 recorder is that unlike some of its competition, it cannot burn CD R or CD RW discs as well. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.