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Unlce Sam Wants Play This Game

Techstination feature for Monday, May 27, 2002

The Marines may be looking for a few good men... but the Army knows where to find them. Playing video games. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The U.S. Army's latest recruitment weapon... .a teen and above rated computer game. Lieutenant Colonel Casey Wardynksi came up with the plan...

"This is a long term project that will go on for several years. And in the first generation the focus is very much on infantry operations and then on onto the war on terror and what that looks like. Several missions that are built around scenarios that units prepare for in defending freedom."

Uncle Sam wants you to play... and will be giving the CD ROMs away this summer. An Xbox version may follow. The Lieutenant Colonel says seven and a half million dollars is being spent on the game development which will use the next generation Unreal Engine from Epic Games. There will be online play as well...

"We built it so that kids could rip it when they get it and distribute it to their buddies if they want to play, cause it's designed to be played online. Up to 32 players in a session can play."

Will it work as a recruitment tool?

"You know, so many young Americans are now off to college after high school and that puts you in sort of a different setting in terms of trying to connect with them and trying to communicate to them. And of course, gaming in college is very popular as well, so it let's us connect to young Americans where they are."

You can sign up for the game, or for a few years, at . Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.