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InFocus Focusing on Home

Techstination feature for Tuesday, June 11, 2002

For those who want a really big screen to watch movies at home... the writing's on the wall..and so is the picture. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. For years... .it has been a little secret among corporate types who deliver presentations. They would sneak one of those projectors home... .and hook it up for those special events on TV... .or to a DVD player. Now InFocus... one of the leaders in the projection market... is focusing on the home market with a line it calls ScreenPlay. Jim Davis is the company's senior director for home entertainment...

"The marketplace right now is really an evolving one because for years it has just been tube televisions and rear projection TVs..that's really the only two choices that customers have had. Over the last couple of years, the improvements in plasma television and rear projection television getting a little bit larger... .that has been helpful to the market. But all of a sudden you have the viability of a projector that can make a gigantic screen that's way beyond what you could do with plasma or rear projection television and get a very good image as well."

Portability is also a plus... .you can take a projector anywhere...

"Right now one of the big problems with rear projection televisions is you get a bigger and bigger screen... but it becomes a 300 pound box that goes into your room."

With a 6 pound projector... you can have a 10 foot screen in your home theatre. The price is pretty big too... about five thousand dollars...for the ScreenPlay 110... that can display standard TV or DVD signals... is high definition compatible... and can hook up to the video output of a PC. One down side to consider... bulbs last many hours... but replacing them will cost you hundreds of dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.;