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A Foldable PC?

Techstination feature for Wednesday, June 19, 2002

A desktop computer that folds up to go with you. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The concept isn't really all that new... .Compaq started out making what were called luggable computers. Now a company called Xentex Technologies has started taking online orders for what it calls the Flip-Pad Voyager...

"What we have here is really the first product that is truly the synthesis of the combination of desktop functionality and laptop portability."

Xentex CEO Jeff Batio. When the Voyager is folded in half... it is the size of a thick full sized laptop. Unfolded it becomes a big... dual screen PC. The screens can be swiveled around for presentations... or used with a stylus as a Tablet PC. And the system software gives you lots of flexibility with the two screens...

"The first one is a screen toggle button. And what you can do with that is easily flip between panels. On a typical dual display or multi-display system you're forced to kind of minimize it, drag it and maximize it. The other thing that we can do with this... you're of course familiar with digital books and things that are starting to make some inroads, one of the things that was missing, in our minds, was the physical orientation in book like formatting... that again... of two pages in portrait."

It has a lot of gee whiz packed into this 12 pound foldable computer... .but for the five thousand dollar price... you could go out and buy a top of the line desktop... .and a super lightweight notebook. Xentex is hoping to make smaller devices... that sound more interesting... like a notebook computer... the folds to the size of a PDA. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.