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Seagate Seeks to Simplify Storage Addition

Techstination feature for Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Adding a hard drive doesn't have to be hard. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Storage space in a PC is a lot like storage space in your house. No matter how big your garage or your basement... you always manage to accumulate enough stuff to fill it up. Hard drives that come with today's PCs are huge in comparison to their capacity a few years ago. But if you save digital pictures, video or music ... .it doesn't take all that long to fill them up. Seagate, a long time leader in hard disk technology, is for the first time entering the retail market with add on drives that the company claims just about anyone can install. Seagate's John Paulsen ...

"The average person only needs to know how to put the CD into the CD ROM and to launch disk wizard. Everything else is provided to them step by step with pictures on how to install the drive. And it really is simple. It's a matter of plugging in an ATA cable into the ATA interface on the hard drive and putting some screws in to hold the drive in place and closing the PC back up."

But PCs aren't all designed the same... and fitting a second hard drive in may not always be so simple. If you aren't familiar with opening the computer up... you're probably better off asking for help. The add in drives... being sold at have some other first rate features. There is unique protective packaging to prevent damage when the drives are being handled. And they are fast... and quiet...

"When they boot up the drive the first time, they're going to wonder if it's running. The reason for that is that Seagate has what we call a SoftSonic motor on our 72 hundred RPM hard drives. It's a fluid, dynamic bearing motor."

As opposed to the ball bearings that are typically used. An 80 gigabyte model sells for about 160 dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.