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A Wearable, Do-It-All, Digital Camera

Techstination feature for Tuesday, July 9, 2002

A wearable digital camera. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It isn't the thinnest and smallest digital camera I've seen. Logitech's 129 dollar PocketDigital... the size of a credit card... wins that race. But Casio's new Exilim packs a lot more features into camera that's only slightly thicker. The two models announced so far have built in flash, LCD screens, use SD memory cards for storage... and with software interpolation take photos equivalent to 2 megapixels. And Casio has improved the shutter response as well...

"So when I want to take a picture, I press the power button... one second later it's ready to take a picture. When I press the shutter button, the shutter lag, the time it takes from the time you press the button until the time it starts taking the picture is ten milliseconds."

The cameras can take 30 second video clips as well. The S1 sells for under 300 dollars. The M1... is 50 dollars more... but adds the ability to record sound and play MP3 music...

"What the M1 adds is audio to the movies. You can do audio annotation to a picture, so I can take a picture and I can do a 30 second voice note, what it is. I can also do dictation. So it does voice recording, many hours on an SD card and it's an MP3 player also."

The LCD screen on the device helps you navigate through the music. A propriety headphone jack for listening is a drawback. You can buy cameras that will give you more megapixels for the money... but if it's your image that's of most concern... and not necessarily an 8 by 10 image on paper... the Exilim delivers.