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Date Title  
12/15/2017 Magikbee creating magic with educations toys and apps
12/14/2017 An IA science and math teacher: Robotic Professor Einstein
12/13/2017 Can a tech gadget lower your blood pressure? RESPeRATE.
12/12/2017 Sony's Smart Speaker with Google Assistant features rich sound & more
12/11/2017 Amazon bundles with Philips on Echo Plus for smart homes
12/08/2017 Phonak's Audeo B-Direct: first hearing aid with universal direct mobile phone connection
12/07/2017 Save the planet and buy used gadgets
12/06/2017 Microsoft's new Surface line up
12/05/2017 Honest, brutal & challenge to capture: Nat Geo Wild's Savage Kingdom Uprising
12/04/2017 A drone for kids controlled by hand gestures: Aura Drone
12/01/2017 Primo Toys featured on Amazon's This is What We Make documentary