Common Traps on the Reading Comprehension Section

There are a series of common “traps”, or distractor answer choices, the DAT / OAT uses to confuse students. Be on the lookout for these distractor answer choices on the reading comprehension section.


This is the most common type of distractor answer choice. Familiar words and phrases are taken from the passage and spun in a way that does not answer the question. Or, familiar words that accurately describe another part of the passage are used. Remember to always go back to the part of the passage that answers the question so you can avoid this trap.


This common distractor takes something from the passage but reverses it. For example, a sequence of events may be reversed, or a cause and effect relationship may be flipped.

Half Right / Half Wrong

Remember that the entire answer choice must be correct. Be sure you always read the entire answer choice before selecting it. It’s possible that only part of it is correct and the other part states something contradictory.

Ari Rezaei
Ari Rezaei

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