Featured INBDE Student of November 2021

Meet Andrew, a happy Bootcamp customer who recently conquered the INBDE. I've asked Andrew to share his INBDE experience with us as the Featured Student of November.

1. What's one piece of advice you'd give another student preparing for the INBDE?

The best piece advice I could give a fellow student is to start studying early. Reviewing for an hour a night for several months is so much less stressful than trying to do three or four hours after long days in clinic or lecture.

2. How did INBDE Bootcamp help you to prepare for the test?

INDBE Bootcamp was a useful study tool for me because of the feedback I could get on difficult questions. If there was an answer choice that confused me or a question that wasn’t clear, I would contact the Bootcamp team through the platform and get an extremely thorough response within 24 hours. The individual feedback was extremely helpful on the tricky questions. No other study tool that I used while preparing for the exam offered a service like this.

3. Is there anything different you'd do if you had to prepare for the test again?

I honestly wouldn’t change anything about how I prepared for the exam if I could. I never felt stressed because I gave myself over 5 months to study and I had organized study tools like INDBE Bootcamp and Mental Dental YouTube videos. Knowing Bootcamp and Mental Dental had covered all the subjects that could be on the exam allowed me to methodically go through all the materials and at the end know I had prepared enough for the exam.

Ari Rezaei

My name is Ari Rezaei and I’m a dental graduate from Columbia. My team and I built Bootcamp.com to provide challenging prep material to get you ready to conquer your classes and exams.