Should I Read the Entire Campbell Biology Textbook?

Short answer: No.

This question is usually asked after students review the list of reference texts the ADA uses to develop the DAT / OAT.

Students believe that reading all 1500 pages of Campbell biology, a textbook you most likely used in biology I and II, will guarantee a great score on the biology section of the DAT / OAT. Other students attempt to review all of the lecture slides. After all, studying from the same source the test questions were developed from makes the most sense, right? Not quite.

There is simply too much information to go through. Yes, you will know everything, but you are sacrificing efficiency. I repeat, this is not an efficient way to study! You still have five other sections you need to prepare just as intensely for, and sinking too much of your time into biology will hurt your overall score.

See my post on how to effectively study for the biology section of the DAT / OAT.

Ari Rezaei
Ari Rezaei

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