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What's the OAT Biology section like?

The biology section is probably the toughest to prepare for because of the breadth of the material. For this section, we are going to read and memorize all of the Bootcamp Bio Notes, practice with the Question Bank, and tie it all together with the practice tests.

Bootcamp Biology Notes vs. Biology Academy

The Bootcamp Biology Notes function best as a study guide for quick review. We’ve cut out the work for you by creating a study guide with all the high-yield OAT information.

The Bootcamp Biology Academy is a textbook version of the Biology Notes. It includes more details and illustrations on the same bio concepts to help you learn the information. Refer to the Bio Academy for deeper explanations. I recommend using a mix of both to review biology.

These additional materials will help you review OAT biology, too:

Download the Bootcamp Biology Notes

High-yield, quick OAT focused biology review. Everything you need to get a great bio score, nothing you don’t.

Download the Bootcamp Biology Academy

Same information as the Bootcamp Biology Notes, but more details and illustrations. Use this if you need a deeper explanation into any chapter in the Bootcamp Bio Notes.

Download the Taxonomy Cheat Sheet

Quick review cheat sheet for taxonomy questions on the OAT.

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Ari Rezaei

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