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What's the OAT Physics section like?

Physics is an important part of optometry. You have 50 minutes to complete 40 questions that test your physics skills. The 40 questions are broken up into subsections, including: units and vectors, linear kinematics, statics, dynamics, rotational motion, energy and momentum, simple harmonic motion, waves, fluid statics, thermal energy and thermodynamics, electrostatics, D.C. circuits, and optics.

Physics is often a topic students struggle with, but with practice and review of important concepts, formulas, and sin/cos/tan tables, you will be able to tackle this section!

There will be no calculator available for this section, but no need to worry. The math will be really easy to calculate, or the answers will be left in formula format, like OAT Bootcamp.

Download the OAT Physics Equations Sheet

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