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What's the OAT Reading Comprehension section like?

You’ll be presented with three ~1500 word scientific passages with 16-17 questions per passage. You’ll have a total of 50 questions and 60 minutes to complete this section.

Reading is a tough section to prepare for, and it’s best to prepare for this section over a long period of time. The good news is that if you are able to read this study guide, you already have the skills to pass this section. We’ll be using OAT Bootcamp RC Academy and practice tests.

The reading on the OAT is different from the SAT/ACT. It focuses more on detail-based questions rather than conceptual/application questions. Often, the question will refer to a specific part of the passage, and the answer can be read directly from the passage without any comprehension. It’s more of a text-based scavenger hunt than a reading comprehension test.

Joel also goes over the most popular strategies in the RC Academy. You’ll have to practice and find out what works for you. For me, I read the entire passage and then answered the questions, very plain and simple. It worked best for me, but you may find another strategy works better for you.

Others use a method called search and destroy, where you don’t read the passage and go straight to the questions. This is a true text-based scavenger hunt. Once you read the question, you quickly scan the passage and look for keywords that the question refers to. Then you read that specific part of the passage and answer the question. Questions that require some comprehension are marked and answered after all of the detail-based questions have been answered, because by then it’s likely you read the entire passage. Students have plenty of success with search and destroy; I didn’t like it because it put too much pressure on me when I couldn’t find an answer. Try it out and see if it works for you.

Ari Rezaei
Ari Rezaei

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