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90 days of access to everything you need to get an awesome OAT score. Great for students of all types.


  • ✏️ 60 high-yield practice tests with thorough explanations and illustrations that are easy to understand.
  • 💻 10 full length exam simulations to help you get comfortable with what you'll see on test day.
  • 📹 Dr. Mike's Chemistry Videos spans 330+ in-depth videos teaching you OAT chemistry from the ground up.
  • 📑 Our proven study schedule that has 1000's of our students scoring extremely well on their OAT.
  • 😀 Student Hero support that's like having a private tutor at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
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Bootcamp Plus

180 days of access and an extra 700 questions. Great for students who want more study time and more practice.



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  • ⬅ ️Includes everything you get in the Bootcamp Pro membership, and more.
  • 🔬 Biology Plus Packs - 200 additional BIO practice questions in the biology question bank.
  • ⚗️ General Chemistry Plus Packs - 150 additional GC practice questions in the general chemistry question bank.
  • 💊 Organic Chemistry Plus Packs - 150 additional OC practice questions in the organic chemistry question bank.
  • 📙 Reading Comprehension Plus Packs - 200 additional RC practice questions in 5 new reading comprehension tests.
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See how OAT Bootcamp stacks up against other prep courses, like Kaplan:

OAT Bootcamp has created powerful techniques for approaching all sections of the OAT. And we offer more high-yield study material than anyone else

Bootcamp Pro

Kaplan OAT *

  • Price
  • Number of Practice Tests
  • Number of Questions
  • Biology Videos
  • General Chemistry Videos
  • Organic Chemistry Videos
  • Reading Videos
  • Quantitative Reasoning Videos
  • Full-Length Exam Simulation
  • Physics Formula Cheatsheet
  • Custom Biology Illustrations
  • OAT Pro Tips
  • OC Reaction Qbank
  • Bio Bites
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • $497
  • 60 Practice Tests
  • 7,700+ Questions
  • 400+ HD Videos
  • 600+ HD Videos
  • 750+ HD Videos
  • 20 HD Videos
  • 950+ HD Videos
  • $1199
  • 42 Practice Tests
  • 3,460+ Questions
  • < 100 Videos
  • < 50 Videos
  • < 50 Videos
  • < 20 Videos
  • < 50 Videos
  • *OAT Live Online Course as of 4/05/21
OAT Bootcamp vs. Kaplan

And so much more...

Check out what our students are saying about their success with OAT Bootcamp:

Everything you need to get an awesome OAT score, and nothing you don't

All I can say is that Bootcamp is everything you need. Every penny
spent on Bootcamp was totally worth it and if I had to do it all over
again, without a doubt I would use Bootcamp to study. Make sure
you complete all the practice exams. And watch Dr. mikes videos!
He's amazing at explaining and teaches tricks to get through most
problems. I ended up scoring 310 on both AA and TS studying for
about a month. It was a tough month for me because I had locked
myself in my room and was studying day and night but it wasn't impossible!QR: BC is all you need for this section, I completed most of the
practice tests and spent more time with the topics I had trouble
with. Actual exam was pretty straightforward and didn't have too
many data sufficiency questions thankfully!! I would compare it to
the first few BC exams.PHYSICS: The BC reaction sheet is your best friend! Know those
equations! On the actual OAT, I got a variety of different equations but it was mostly kinematics, optics, and some circuits.
1. OAT Bootcamp - this resource honestly saved my life. I wish I
had known about it sooner. About a month ago, I was beyond
panicked about the test and I felt like I was getting absolutely
nowhere with studying. I was taking practice tests through
Kaplan and my scores kept going DOWN instead of going up.
Once I started with Bootcamp, everything changed, especially
in Biology. Both the condensed notes and the Bootcamp
Biology Academy were SO HELPFUL. USE THESE.I used the boot camp practice bank for physics and their formula sheet was super helpful!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How similar is OAT Bootcamp to the actual OAT?

We believe it’s very similar in terms of difficulty. We ask questions that require you to think critically to ensure you thoroughly understand all topics that could be asked on the OAT.

Are all of the subject tests different?

Every test covers different concepts and topics. We avoid repeating questions and avoid asking the same question with different numbers.

I take the OAT in a few days. Will I have time to complete every practice test, and will it be helpful?

We believe OAT Bootcamp is most effective when used for the duration of the 90 day subscription, but can still be very effective even if you only have a couple of weeks to study with it.

I’ve already taken an expensive commercial prep course, will OAT Bootcamp help me?

Absolutely. Since all we focus on is the OAT, we can invest more time and resources into creating high-quality explanations that will teach you the OAT-specific strategies to ace your exam. All of our content was written and created specifically for the OAT. None of our content has been adapted or reused from other exams, like the MCAT, which provides you a higher quality test prep experience.

How long will my upgrade last?

Bootcamp Pro memberships expire 90 days after purchase. Bootcamp Plus memberships expire 180 days after purchase. You will not be billed again at the end of your subscription.

Do you offer any coupon codes?

If you’re a member of a pre-optometry club or society, check with one of your officers to see if you have a discount already set up for your school. If not, just have an officer contact us so we can setup a discount!

I received a OAT fee waiver from the ADA, am I eligible for financial help to buy OAT Bootcamp?

Of course. Send us a message with your OAT fee waiver verification from the ADA and we'll help you out.

Is there a payment plan for OAT Bootcamp?

Yes! We work with Quadpay. Click here to download the Quadpay Chrome extension.

Quadpay allows you to pay interest-free in 4 installments over 6 weeks.

Once you've installed the extension, go to the upgrade page in Chrome and continue to the checkout page. Click the Quadpay button in the top right of your browser and checkout using Quadpay.

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