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First Aid vs. Step 1 Bootcamp

1. "Why is Step 1 Bootcamp better than First Aid?"

Anthony Roviso

Welcome! My name is Dr. Roviso. First Aid is a good resource, but it reads like an encyclopedia.

When I was studying for Step 1, I felt overloaded with information. I wasn’t sure what’s high-yield, and I wasn’t sure how these concepts were going to appear on Step 1.

So to fix that, I’m making high-yield Step 1 videos that focus on what you need to know, how it’ll show up on boards, and how to remember it for the test.

2. “Can I see an example of how you teach something vs. First Aid?”

Sure thing - here’s an example: Step 1 recently asked about the difference between axial vs membrane resistance in neurons.

This is all First Aid writes about membrane resistance, arrows going up and down with no explanation as to why. 

First Aid 2021 Page 508
First Aid 2021 Page 508

Here’s a 1 min clip explaining how to actually remember the difference conceptually, and I point out this has come up on boards in the past, so you’ll get this question right if you see it on your test.

3. "What about USMLE-style questions?"

Learning the material is important, but what’s more important is learning how it’s going to appear in a Step 1 question.

For example, what phrases does the USMLE use to describe a patient? What radiographs do they like to use?

That’s why every video ends with a USMLE-style practice question, so you can apply what you learned, and get a higher score on Step 1. Check out an example below:

4. "Do you have any student reviews?"

Students love studying with these videos. Check out what other students have said about them:

YouTube testimonials for Dr. Anthony RovisoYouTube testimonials for Dr. Anthony Roviso

5. "Where do I sign up for Step 1 Bootcamp?"

I thought you’d never ask! :) Click below to sign up - I’m looking forward to helping you ace Step 1!

If there’s anything we can do to help you in med school, please let me know. I want Bootcamp to be the best place to learn medicine online. Thank you.